Western Union will suspend work in Russia and Belarus

         Western Union said it had decided to suspend its operations in Russia and Belarus. As explained in the company, NPO Western Union DP Vostok has already applied to the Central Bank with a request to be excluded from the register of payment system operators from March 24.


          Dear subscribers, we kindly ask you to accept money transfers received via Western Union from Azizi-Finance offices and service centers until March 24 of this year. 

Until that date, the system will continue to work both for receiving and issuing transfers sent from abroad. “Clients will be able to prepare within two weeks to stop the service, – Transfers sent from Russia and not paid to recipients before March 24 will be available to recipients at any time, you can easily receive your transfers at Azizi-Moliya service points. If the sender in Russia decides to receive a refund of the transfer, it will be possible to do this at the branch of one of the partners that we are currently identifying.”

Western Union is an American company, one of the leaders in international money transfers. In Russia, NPO Western Union DP Vostok is represented, which is included in the register of the Central Bank. According to expert estimates, WU accounts for about 40% of cross-border money transfers in Russia.