Within the framework of the Global Money Week, which took place from March 30 to April 02, 2021, the employees of LLC MDO “Azizi Molyia” organized trainings in the city of Khujand, B. Gafurov district.


     LLC MDO “Azizi Molyia” has been supporting the global initiative for several years, realizing the importance of this project, and actively participating in its promotion. 
This year LLC MDO “Azizi Molyia” once again organized trainings on the basics of financial literacy for high school students in educational institutions of the country.
The sooner young people learn about finance, saving and investing, the better they will be at managing their personal finances throughout their lives. These skills 
will help young people understand the difference between earning, saving and spending money, making them the best financial managers who can budget. During the 
events, children, in a language accessible to children, were told about how the banking system works, about the function of money and its circulation. In addition, the types of currencies and types of financial services that the population 
can use in financial institutions were discussed with the children. Children actively participated in thematic contests and shared their impressions. 


    LLC MDO “Azizi Molyia” pays special attention to raising the level of financial education of the population. As part of this program, employees provide free consulting 
services to the public on the basics of financial literacy. The topics of the program are devoted to topical issues that may affect any family: maintaining the family budget,
competently forming savings, competent borrowing and targeted use of credit funds.
     At the end of the trainings, the children expressed their deep gratitude to the organizers and their desire to continue learning the basics of financial literacy in more