Children's deposit “Tifli Zarrin”

     The Tifli Zarrin Children’s Deposit is only open to minors. This deposit is optional, i.e. the depositor can deposit funds into this account no later than one year before the expiration of the deposit agreement. Interest on the deposit is calculated monthly and after one year is added to the principal amount of the deposit.

Documents required to open a savings account:

  • child’s birth certificate
  • one parent’s passport

Minimum deposit amount:

  • In national currency 100 somoni.
  • There are 100 monetary units in dollars and euros and 1000 monetary units in Russian rubles.

Additional payment period:

  • monthly (up to one year before contract expiration)

Additional payment amount:

  • at least 20 monetary units

The main terms of the agreement are that the amount on the account is kept by the Company for at least three years.

Term of the contract: at least 3 years until the investor reaches the age of 18.

In case of violation of the terms of the deposit: up to 1 month of the deposit 0% per annum

  • More than 1 month in national currency 4% per annum in foreign currency 2% per annum
  • More than half of the term of the contract in national currency 5% per annum in foreign currency 4% per annum

The period of accrual of interest on the deposit:

  • After the expiration of the contract
  • Accrued interest is added to the deposit amount at the end of the year.

Savings opportunities:

  • Possibility to extend the term of the deposit.
  • The ability to receive interest from a plastic card.
  • Opportunity to get a loan with a deposit.

The amount of annual interest on savings is shown in the table:​

For a period of 36 months or more

Deposit term


U.S. dollars


Russian ruble

36 months or more