Deposit "Amonati"

      This savings deposit can only be opened for resident and non-resident individuals. This type of deposit allows the client to keep his free funds in the Company for an indefinite period and without restrictions, as well as to receive part or all of them as needed. Interest on the deposit is accrued daily from the balance of the deposit amount and is added to the deposit amount at the end of the month after paying the tax in accordance with the rates established by the Tax Code of the Republic of Tajikistan.

Documents required to open a savings account:

  • Passport.
  • TIN (taxpayer identification number)
  • Account opening application.


Deposits are accepted in somoni, US dollars, Russian rubles and euros.

Minimum deposit amount:

  • In national currency not less than 50 somoni.
  • In dollars and euros, at least 10 units and in Russian rubles, at least 500 units.


Depositor options:

  • Possibility to charge extra daily.
  • The ability to receive interest from a plastic card.
  • Opportunity to get a loan with a deposit.
  • Ability to add accrued interest to the deposit
  • The possibility of its transfer in accordance with the current requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan.
  • Possibility of receiving the amount of the deposit at the request of the depositor.
  • Opportunity to open a savings account for an indefinite period.


The term for receiving interest on the deposit at the request of the depositor:

  • Monthly
  • After the expiration of the contract


The annual interest rate on the deposit is indicated in the table.

For more than 1 day

Deposit term


U.S. dollars


Russian ruble

More than 1 day
from 0% to 3%
from 0% to 2%
from 0% to 1%
from 0% to 1%